Poop Scooping.


Jardis offers weekly pet waste removal with in the City of Grande Prairie*.

We visit your yard every week,

look for visible dog poop, pick it up and bag it.

Leaving your dog with a freshly cleaned area to enjoy poop free!

or contact us at 780-532-9339 or info@jardis.ca


We’ll set you up on our route and drop by each week to scoop the poop in your yard.

 Most times you won’t even know we were there, we leave everything

as it is except now you and your dog have a brand new, freshly cleaned yard!or contact us at 780-532-9339 or info@jardis.ca


We also provide one-time cleanings for whatever your reasons:

Spring clean-up, move ins and move outs, special occasions (back yard weddings, family BBQs, etc),

and spring time clean ups.

 This service is most popular with property management companies,

real estate agents and landlords who have to clean up after their most recent renters

moved out and forgot to scoop the poop before they left.

This service includes picking up and bagging the poop, we do not take it with us.

We charge $75.00 as a minimum with up to 1 Hr. of scooping included. With $60.00/hr after the first.

Be honest, you wouldn’t do it for less and probably not for more!or contact us at 780-532-9339 or info@jardis.ca

Is there an extra fee for the first visit?

There could be depending what is required on our initial visit.

 First time clean-ups generally require more time and contain more waste.

To help us determine an accurate quote there are two questions we always ask:

How long since your yard was last cleaned?

How many dogs do you own?

These two things factor heavily into whether an initial clean up fee will need to be applied upon our very first service.

The same rates as a one time clean are in effect for the initial clean.

Do we have to be home during

service and do our dogs need to be inside?

 It is not necessary for you to be home.

If you are home when we arrive,

we would be more than happy to introduce ourselves,

meet your dogs, and discuss any special concerns you may have.

Your dogs are not necessarily  required to be inside when we are there

but that really depends on your dogs and your preference.

 The information we collect about your pets

at sign-up will let us know if this is required.

or contact us at 780-532-9339 or info@jardis.ca

*Our services are priced for a regular sized city lots within city limits, acreages and large lots may not qualify for service or may require a specialized quote. We reserve the right to refuse service for any reason.