Jardis Cleaning Services is owned and operated by Jared and Candice, until the colapse of SHS Management Inc. (sears home services management) we operated in Grande Prairie under the banner of Sears Carpet and Upholstery Cleaning and later Sears Home Services.

We were not satisfied with Sears Canada Inc. response to their hand picked management companies demise, taking no responsiblity for that companies mismanagement, so we did not want to continue our affiliation in any form with the Sears name or brand.

We still offer the same services and quality we have always offered, just now as JARDIS. In fact if you have an old Sears Carpet Cleaning invoice and look in the top right hand corner you will see our name and contact information.

This Global Vancouver news video below explains things best, it describes some of what the company in Vancouver, doing what we were doing here in Grande Prairie, went through. We are part of that $9mil owed to contractors mentioned in the video, at the time this was written (Sept.2015) we still have not been paid what is owed to us by SHS Management.